I assure you this, your story, your wisdom, your revelation, and your logic are needed by many all around the world. Someone is waiting to purchase your writing as the “solution” they have desperately been searching to find. It doesn't matter if you’re penning a self help book, manual, devotional, fiction or non fiction novel, your words are needed and will be felt by the masses!


Book Writing Made Easy (Resource Packet)

  • The documents included in this packet have been crafted following years or trial and error as a writing coaching. It's my desire to see your story published!

    • My Personal Writing Outline (designed to make writing make sense and flow)

    • Writing Calendar (pre-set your dates & times of your writing sessions)

    • Coach Ev’s Tip Sheet

    • How To Write Your Introduction & Back of Book Blurb

  • https://youtu.be/vEBZ8hA2lC4