“Everything you need to make 2021 your most profitable year to date”


Over the last 5 years, I have had the pleasure to assist well over 1,000 people to realize that their dreams are not that far out of their reach! I have facilitated 1 on 1 sessions, group training, workshops, conferences, webinars, virtual courses, and masterclasses for myself and many of the future voices of tomorrow. I’ve sat at tables with multi-millionaires who started with absolutely nothing but a few dollars and a dream of a new life and one thing has been consistent the entire time…. "Making money isn't the hard part, it's shifting the mind to see right from the right perspective, the willingness to do the work, the making of necessary sacrifices, and the consistency that never wavers”.


Simple right? It's true! You’re the only one who can make the life you desire, happen! If we have learned nothing this year, we have all learned to give life our best shot and go after it all because it can swiftly end and who wants to leave here unfulfilled? Who wants to live and not maximize their life? Let’s be honest, who wants to live a life of struggle?


One misconception that is SO true, "money does bring happiness"!!!!! Most of those who find themselves in poverty or living beneath what they know should be their standard have coached themselves into being content and I believe if you can coach yourself into being content, you can coach yourself into being RICH!


I have compiled information that took 10 years to acquire, countless lessons, failures, mistakes, small victories, big wins, costly mistakes, smart investments, and big money made all into courses, books, resources, and kits over the last few years (many of which I have not even sold before).

From Mindset To Money (Bundle)

  • In the “Bundle of all bundles” you get:

    • 14 + Courses, Webinars, Teachings, and Masterclasses on everything from mindset to money!
    • 4 Mindset Shifting eBooks
    • 3 “How to Kits”

    An overall value of over $3,000 for the price of $297.00

    Move fast, only 30 bundles available.

    Let’s make 2021 the most profitable year of your life!


    Coach Ev



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