Life. We have heard the sayings before: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...Life’s a rat race.” But I have one I conjured up:“Life is a game that can be won!” Hands down, you are guaranteed to win. And I can show you how.


Life is like a game of spades. It is very much like the hand you are dealt. You do not have a choice with the cards the dealer gave you. You do not have a choice with what you are given. Yes, some hands are better than others. Some hands are decent, and some hands are flat out unfair. But at the end of it all, the base is the same: "It's all about what you do with what's in your hands." But's it up to you to make the best of it, strategize, and win. No matter how superb or terrible of a hand you are dealt, you can still win. It's up to you!

Life's Playbook: 5 Essentials Plays To WIN in life

  • Consider how many times you have seen a person, or even yourself had ALL they needed to win. And win easily! However, they were not able to pull it all together to make it work. For some reason, they were not able to take full advantage of the hand they were dealt. Maybe they did not understand the rules of the game. Or perhaps they did not know the strategy. And that is the plight. That is the struggle. That is where I believe we suffer most: having the tools, skillset, belief, courage, resources, connection, faith, plan, money, team, ability, yet never finding the formula to put it together to make it work!


    And this is how I can help. I am going to give you Life's Playbook to help you win at this game called life. When I broke life down to a science, more so a game, it began to make more sense. I developed "plays" that allowed me to win, prosper, grow personally, grow spiritually, and become the WINNER I know I was destined and designed to be! And there are five plays you must have to win this game.


    In theory, plays are straightforward. But executing the plays is where the hard work comes in. But I have learned a few powerful things in my years as an athlete, and plays are one thing that will often give you the outcome you desire in a game. It is all about formulating a strategy - a plan - that sets you up for success.

    So, let me be your coach. You can call me Coach Ev.

    Are you ready? Let’s go.