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Entrepreneurs In The Making

Preparing The Next Generation For Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs in the Making (EITM) is a 6-week program designed to educate and expose BIPOC (Black,

Indigenous, People of Color) children in Title I schools to the many successes life has to offer through

business. Though the ideal timeline for the full EITM program is 6-weeks, there is an “express” option

which spans 2-days. Within the workshop series EITM’s creator, Business Strategist Evan Brown, will

educate students on a variety of business types, their establishment, and lead them through a strategic

planning session with the intention of connecting the dots between their natural skills and interests to

create revenue. Each participant of the program will leave with not only an understanding of how to use

their skills to make money, but a plan to do so.


Our Why

As our country continues to evolve, so does the “American Dream.” Success is no longer one-size fits all as more roads lead to entrepreneurship as means of primary income in the 21st century. Through the revolving door of business and its various options, people of all ages, economic backgrounds, and ethnicities can obtain the life they desire with proper teaching from the start.

Throughout 2021, the United States saw a surprising amount of growth in the area of new small

businesses. I believe this surge came from the realization that “The American Dream” is no longer the

desire of Generation Z and generations to come, due to the evolution of technology and the accessibility

of information. Additionally, the “The American Dream” is no longer feasible. Unlike in decades past,

4-year university degrees and even master’s degrees do not guarantee financial security. Society is finally

acknowledging and accepting that most often, one stream of income is not sufficient enough to provide a

comfortable lifestyle. As such, millennials and Gen Z are turning to entrepreneurship. In fact, there are

over 31 million small businesses (under 500 employees) in the United States, making up more than 47%

of the workforce and providing employment for nearly 60 million workers. Simply stated,

entrepreneurship is the new way of life in American culture.


Unfortunately, even with the rise of small businesses, data has shown that fewer than 80% make it beyond

their first year, and only around half survive for five years or more. Moreover, statistics show that over

40% of small businesses never even open. I believe this is, in-part, due to a lack of planning, stewardship,

and strategy. While it’s imperative the next generation is aware of the opportunities that exist beyond

music and athletics, they must also know how to properly formulate their businesses and business

structures. They must learn how to plan for longevity to continue to provide the necessary job pipeline

America depends on, and to support and sustain their own lifestyles and families.

Project Activities:

This 6 week experience, condensed into 2-days, is designed to educate attendees on:

  • The History of Black Business

  • The Importance of Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

  • Business 101 (basic principles for business establishment)

  • The Foundation of A Successful Business

  • The Foundations of Business-Marketing

  • Understanding Business Money

  • Future Business Plan Creation & Presentation

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