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What is Vision Birthers?


Vision Birthers is a consulting agency that focuses on providing strategies and solutions for individuals and businesses. Committed to making any idea, big or small, tangible, the company places an emphasis on ensuring that the overall vision is transformed into a clear, concise, and attainable plan of action. This is accomplished by way of strategy development sessions, in-person workshops, interactive e-courses, brand development, and so on. A multifaceted entity, Vision Birthers offers a number of professional services that include: personal coaching, marketing strategies,  book writing/publishing services, business development, website development, content curation, and graphic design services.


To date, Vision Birthers has produced over 50 first time authors and websites; has facilitated successful business development campaigns, coordinated successful workshops and conferences, and have produced for the likes of Tamar Braxton, Vashawn Mitchell, and Dr. Kamilah Stevenson.




“Divizing strategies and solutions for optimum growth”


Vision statement 


“Divizing strategies and solutions for optimum growth through innovative ideas for the future”


Mission Statement


“To enhance the vision and results of individuals, businesses, and corporations through innovative ideas, strategic planning, coaching, writing, educational courses,and brand development services.”



1:1 Coaching Sessions

Strategy Development (Business/Personal)

Business Consulting 

Writing Coaching 

Publishing Services

Website Design 

Graphic Design  

Brand Management 

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